Sarah began her dance training at the tender age of three, learning at Macdonald Academy of Dancing in Zimbabwe. Here she gleaned not only outstanding technical training but also a deep love of dance, in particular of ballet. Having completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Psychology and having spent several years as a high school mathematics teacher, she returned to her passion and attained her Cecchetti Associate in 2004 under the auspices of the Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa. This led her into a very successful career teaching ballet and owning a flourishing studio in which several dance styles were taught.

Sarah developed her training by taking the Associate Diploma (Distinction) examination in 2007- and has successfully been awarded her Licentiate Assessment in order to train Associates (teachers). Indeed, three young Associates have been qualified under her mentorship and are now affiliates of the Cecchetti Society themselves. In addition, she undertook Anatomy for Licentiate (94%) and is also a fully certified practitioner of Progressing Ballet Technique, having been recertified in 2020 with recommendation by Marie Walton-Mahon (founder of PBT) herself.

Through humble determination and steady focus Sarah has built up a credible resume as a teacher, not only in terms of examination results but also by producing and contributing to, more than twenty stage productions over many years. She presently sits on the committee of the Johannesburg Branch of the Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa.

“The teaching of ballet is extremely special. Whilst it is, in and of itself, a discipline and a rigour and so few may attain the pinnacle of becoming a professional dancer… my passion is to bring the joy and love of dance to all! I love to see the many benefits of dance training brought to little girls and boys from all backgrounds, always, of course, instilling the integrity and high standard of my wonderful training. I am particularly proud to pass on the intelligent heritage of the Cecchetti Method with its lean towards theatre. This beautiful art form enriches my life daily and I take immense joy in passing it on to others!